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On the subject of TRU, look for the men’s soccer and baseball teams to carry the initials EW and BW respectively on their jerseys. Those would be in memory of Errol Wild and Bob Winters, both of whom left us in recent days. There also is a move afoot to have NorBrock Stadium named in honour of Winters and to name one of the McArthur Island soccer pitches in memory of Wild.

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cheap nfl jerseys Snow, rain and chilly temperatures didn’t dampen the joy of New England Patriots fans exulting in their team’s latest championship Tuesday.The five time Super Bowl winners received a hero’s welcome as they paraded through downtown Boston aboard World War II era duck boats that have become a staple of the city’s recent title celebrations.Sounds of “Brady! Brady!” ”TB12!” and “MVP” rang out throughout the procession as fans proudly wore No. the greatest of all time.Brady grinned and just took it all in, at one point tossing footballs back and forth with fans on the route as the duck boats rumbled along.”We’re going to remember this one for the rest of our lives and we know you will too,” he shouted from a stage at the parade’s end at City Hall. “I told you we were going to bring this sucker home and we brought it home!”Cannons shot out red, white and blue confetti along the route, which started near the Boston Marathon finish line, where three spectators were killed and 260 others wounded in bombing attacks in April 2013 cheap nfl jerseys.