You’re never out of it and you never know what can happen

$1.95 pints 3 7 pm, 20 oz PBR for $1.95 from 3 pm until closing. Tailgate party with free food at 4 pm, free hot dogs peanuts during the game. Since it also Groundhog Day, Woodchuck Spring Cider for $2.95 all day. Grubb looks at the convention debates to show how these powers evolved and led to the specific powers adopted, which were a rejection of the old colonial system. The Anti Federalists were deeply concerned about the theoretical danger of a strong central government (like that of Britain) that some day could ruin republicanism and usurp the rights of the states. Madison and Hamilton (joined by John Jay) countered with a series of newspaper essays, the Federalist Papers, that helped New York to ratify.

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